Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Wayan Gede Supartha, SE., SU.

Coordinator of Doctor Programme Study in Management Science, Udayana University

His Bachelor of Management education was completed in 1979 at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Udayana University. In 1984, he graduated with a Masters in Management from Gadjah Mada University. He earned a Doctorate in Management in 2006 from the Airlangga University Postgraduate Program. He has experience as a lecturer since 1980 until now. In addition, he has experience as a Consultant in Regional Water Supply Company, Bali Urban Infrastructure Program (BUIP) 1992-1995, Revenue Action Plan (RIAP) for District Government in Bali, in 1995-1998, Research on General Investment Development Plan in Bali Province in 2005, Research on Investment Potential in East Bali in 2007, Expert Team of Jembrana DPRD in 2010 - 2019, Chairperson of the Additional Assessment Team, employee based on performance E-performance 2017 - 2019, Author of Organizational Culture Book in 2008 and Organizational Behavior Book 2016.

Title: Culture, Tourism, and Management in Era Digital 4.0 to Support Urban Sustainability

Prof. Ir. Frederik Josep Putuhena M.Sc., Ph.D

Center for Urban Studies – Universitas Pembangunan Jaya

With his background education in Civil Engineering from Indonesia, United Kindom, and United States of America, he has been working for Urban and Rural Development Programmes in Indonesia, as well as in Malaysia. His entire working experienced has been gained through the capacity development activities, either as academician or professional. His early contribution was as a trainer in the field of Hydrological Survey and Analysis, for Provincial Irrigation Planners in Indonesia. This rural irrigation development was designed to achieve the self food sufficiency of rice, which was successfully achieved by Indonesia in the 1980s. These activities brought him to become the Coordinator of Central Project Office for Capacity Building in Water Resources Sector Development in Indonesia in the late 1990s, and early 2000s. In Malaysia, he gave lectures in Civil Engineering undergraduate studies, as well as supervising graduate research for Master and Doctoral degree programmes. His research and public service contributions in Malaysia covered the following: The Capacity Building in newly established Rural Water Supply Department in Sarawak; Integrated River Basin Development, which include Hydraulic Modeling, and Participatory Approach for people in rural areas to participate in Hydropower, and other Water Infrastructure projects; and River System Modeling for Flood Control Projects in Urban areas. His tract records could be traced in all articles in the Indexed Journals, which were authored by himself, or together with his graduate students.

Title: Urban Future Challences: Water Demand Management

Associate Prof. Dr. Dinesh Manandhar

Center for Spatial Information Science (CSIS), The University of Tokyo, Japan

He is an Associate Professor (Project) at The University of Tokyo, Japan and Adjunct Associate Professor at AIT, Thailand. Currently, he is developing GPS/GNSS signal authentication based on Japanese GPS satellites. He is also developing systems based on GPS signal authentication for traffic congestion management and illegal fishing management. His research fields are GPS/GNSS signal design, signal analysis, spoofing studies, anti-spoofing, and signal authentication solutions. He also conducting of trainings, seminars, and workshops in many countries to promote GNSS technologies and its applications.

Title: Gate-less Gates for Traffic Congestion Management

Dr. Md Firoz Khan

Senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, University of Malaya, Malaysia.

During his academic career, he has been working as a post-doctoral research at the University of Tokyo, Japan from 2010-2011. Then, he joined the Centre for Tropical Climate Change System at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, as a senior lecturer and attained the position till November 2018. He has been serving as an Associate Editor to two Web of Science indexed journals, Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene and Arabian Journal of Geosciences (Springer). His research interests cover a wide variety of topics in air pollution, source apportionment and human health impact of the pollutants. He is an author of more than 70 high impact peer-reviewed journal papers and book chapters. Currently, he leads a research group focusing on air pollution with a number of students at undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. level.

Title: A Decadal Trend of Urban pollution: Challenges towards Sustainable Smart Cities in Malaysia

Wendy Haryanto

CEO Jakarta Property Institute, Indonesia

Having spent twenty over years in the Property industry, Wendy believes that this is just about the right time to giving back to her birthplace. Before assuming the position of Executive Director of Jakarta Property Institute (JPI) she was the Chief Operating Director of Mix-Use Development of apartment, office buildings and malls. Prior to her position as Chief Operating Director, Wendy Haryanto was the Director and Head of the Department of Procon/Savills Indonesia and the PIC of all development aspects including investor relations, market segmentation, and master planning.

Title: Sustainable Property Development

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